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Participation at the Inaugural EFFAS Asia Summit In Hong Kong

Prof. Dr. Alexander Bassen speaking at EFFAS Asia Summit plenary session.

On March 4, the inaugural EFFAS Asia Summit took place in Hong Kong. The summit was jointly organized and co-hosted by EFFAS, Friends of the Earth (HK), and the Hong Kong University Business School ICUBE. The event attracted over a hundred participants from different backgrounds such as regulatory bodies, listed corporations, banks, and ESG practitioners.

The EFFAS Asia Summit represented the first visit of the EFFAS Board delegation to Asia, with the aim of enhancing knowledge and insights exchange on policy development and regulations for sustainability. The gathering sought to encourage increased action and innovation in promoting sustainable practices in Asia and beyond.

A key highlight of the summit was the plenary session on “Pioneering Sustainability Policy and Regulatory Development” featuring distinguished speakers who discussed ongoing advancements in global sustainability policy and regulatory frameworks. Speakers included Mr. Fritz Mostböck, Mr. Hans Buysse, Professor Alexander Bassen, and Mr. Daniel R. Fung. Topics covered various market perspectives on sustainable finance.

Furthermore, the summit recognized over 1,300 graduates from the Certified Environment, Social, and Governance Analysts (CESGA) program, underscoring the increasing importance of sustainability in financial analysis and decision-making. The event not only acknowledged the achievements of these graduates but also provided a platform for discussions on policy development and regulations for sustainability,.

The EFFAS Asia Summit not only showcased Europe’s leadership in sustainable finance but also stressed the significance of collaboration and effective policies in cultivating green talent for a sustainable future. As global efforts unite for environmental and social progress, events like these serve as crucial drivers for change, fostering a more sustainable and equitable world.

Speakers of the of EFFAS Asia Summit plenary session smiling at the camera.

EFFAS Asia Summit conductors including the EFFAS board and members of Friends of the Earth (HK).

EFFAS visit at the Sustainability Connect Symposium in Hong Kong.

EFFAS Board in front of SGXGroup