Sustainability Knowledge 

We have been working in the field of sustainability reporting for almost 20 years. From the development of the voluntary German Sustainability Code (DNK) to the implementation of the CSRD’s mandatory European Sustainability Reporting Standards (ESRS), we have played a leading role in shaping the sustainability disclosure process.

“More than 15,000 companies in Germany will be directly affected by mandatory sustainability reporting. Management boards and supervisory boards must now be properly prepared for this in order to identify adequate opportunities and risks.”

We have been working for many years to implement our scientific findings pragmatically. Our structured way of working, our independence and our experience in the permanent search for innovative solutions help us to do this.


We co-developed the ESRS and therefore are insiders in setting standards. We use this knowledge in your company to support you in improving or fully implementing sustainability reporting.

Sustainability Lab

In a 7-day Sustainability Lab, we prepare your junior staff for the challenges of sustainability reporting.


Are your junior employees facing important decisions regarding their studies and career? We are happy to work together to find out what the next step on the career ladder looks like.


Are width and depth mutually exclusive? Absolutely not! We are happy to be at your disposal as speakers for various topics in the field of sustainability and sustainability reporting.


In cooperation we run various workshops to introduce supervisory boards, management boards, executives and experts to the details of mandatory sustainability reporting.

Projects & Mandates

For many years, we have been working with companies, the financial industry and politicians on the implementation of sustainable finance. We are also involved in many initiatives on a voluntary basis with a great deal of personal commitment, as social change can only be achieved if we move outside our comfort zone.

Our Vision

We work independently and scientifically to help companies optimize their sustainability performance and reporting.

Our Topics

Sustainability reports

With over 20 years of experience in sustainability reporting, we can immediately tackle the implementation in your company and respond to your company’s needs and priorities.

Finance & Accounting

As professors of finance and accounting, we are particularly interested in how information from finance and accounting can be linked to sustainability (interoperability and connectivity).


Social factors in your own company and in the supply chain are important for the future of the company. We know which social factors have a particular financial impact.


Biodiversity is the new climate. We know what the value-driving KPIs are and how they can be implemented.


The optimal governance structure for implementing sustainability reporting depends on the specifics of each individual company. We can advise you on developing the right solution.


We have been working on the topic of climate reporting since 2007 and are, among other things, the author of CDP’s DACH report. We are therefore very familiar with issues relating to the calculation of carbon footprints.


The global distribution and quality of water will be one of the issues of the future. We examine what contribution your company can make here.