Individual solutions, scientifically
based and independent

We have been working for many years to implement our scientific findings pragmatically. Our structured way of working, our independence and our experience in the permanent search for innovative solutions help us to do this.


We co-developed the ESRS and therefore are insiders in setting standards. We use this knowledge in your company to support you in improving or fully implementing sustainability reporting

Materiality analysis

The basis and core of the European Sustainability Reporting Standards (ESRS) is the materiality analysis. We support you in this process and ensure compliance with the CSRD.

Climate reporting

Every company must ensure that it analyzes and reports its contribution to climate change. We know the standards in detail and support you with the analysis.

Environmental and social standards

Based on the materiality analysis, various environmental and social focal points are relevant. We examine the question of whether biodiversity, waste or standards in the supply chain need to be reported together with you and support you in implementing them in your reporting.

Second Party Opinion

Are you already working with an external consultant and would like to get a second opinion on the results? We support you in the selection of a consultant as well as in the evaluation of the results of the consultation.


Are breadth and depth mutually exclusive? No, because we are happy to be at your disposal as speakers for various topics in the field of sustainability and sustainability reporting. On request, we can address the specifics of your company and your industry. Special topics such as biodiversity, water or human rights can also be offered.


Discussions must be diverse, controversial and solution-oriented. We are represented on numerous national and international panels, both in our role as scientists and as standard setters.


We give keynotes on all relevant topics in the areas of sustainability, sustainable finance and sustainability reporting. Entertaining, stimulating, controversial and always scientifically based.


Deep dives into the topics can be incorporated very well into interviews, e.g. for annual reports, internal newsletters or customer information. We are also available for this purpose.


Your employees are already learning new things every day. We offer workshops to introduce supervisory boards, management boards, executives and experts to the details of mandatory sustainability reporting.

These range from one-day to one-week seminars, which can be offered both face-to-face and online. We offer these exclusively in cooperation with the Management Alliance.
If you pass the exam, you will receive certification from Deutsche Börse Group.

Insider knowledge for a new generation of supervisory board members with the Management Alliance 

The new ESRS sustainability standards pose entirely new challenges for companies and their supervisory boards. As a board member, you have a choice: to fulfill only duties or also shape sustainability. Only with a holistic understanding of disclosure obligations, data complexity, and individual decision options does expertise turn into shaping competence.

Intensive Seminar on the ESRS in collaboration with DIRK, DVFA and Sustainserv

This seminar will provide a detailed presentation of ESRS and explain it with numerous examples. The intensive seminar is aimed at sustainability managers, analysts, investors, investor relations managers, asset managers, and risk managers.


Sustainability is always company-specific. We also come to your company to offer individual training courses

Sustainability Lab

Different didactic concepts are often required with junior staff. We have gained a lot of experience here in our university training. In a 7-day Sustainability Lab, we will prepare your junior staff for the challenges of sustainability reporting. The event takes place at the North Sea to facilitate a complete focus on the topic. In addition, there will be “hands-on climate change”. Students are very welcome at the Sustainability Lab.


Are your young people faced with the decision of what and where to study or what to do after their first degree? We have an international academic network and know many universities from the inside. We are happy to work together to find out what the next step on the career ladder looks like.

ESRS Summer School

We provide intensive training in the European Sustainability Reporting Standards (ESRS) in connection with financial accounting to students from all German and foreign universities. The courses take place online and in presence in English and German. The program concludes with a certificate.

Projects & Mandates

For many years, we have been working with companies, the financial industry and politicians on the implementation of sustainable finance. We are also involved in many initiatives on a voluntary basis with a great deal of personal commitment, as social change can only be achieved if we move outside our comfort zone.